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Rhonda Spicer
Rhonda Spicer Sky Dives - Go Rhonda!
Rhonda Spicer
Nice Catch Rhonda and Nice Cap
Arthur Mayfield
Arthur Mayfield at the Diamond anniversary of his grade school on May 17, 2013.
He rocks the James Bond look.
Robin Kusilka & Gina Hudson
Robin Kusilka & Gina Hudson
January 2011 at a Party to Celebrate Larry Kusilka's Service to our Country (Robin's brother).
August 2011
Teresa Shaw, Debbie Adair, Derek White and lovely wife Shelley, & Robin Kusilka
August 2011
April 2011
Jay Gilbert & Debra Sexton in April 2011
Little Chill
"Little Chill" Meeting
of  Friends on December 16, 2010

Beverly Edmonds, Jill Wright, Lindsey Fisher, Teresa Shaw & Katherine Pate
Shared by Teresa & Jill

Lynn Anderson's Family
Lynn Anderson Essick & Children
Gina Hudson's Family
Gina Hudson's Family: Logan, Rachel, Gina & Jeff       (Their name is Averett.)
Robin Kusilka's Family
Robin Kusilka and sons, Chaz & Maz James
John McNeill
John NcNeill & daughter, Amy
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith Hobbs & Family
Billy Richard
Billy Richardson & daughter
Melanie Wyatt's Family
Melanie Wyatt's Family at John Snyder Jenkins Dedication at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church - 2011

Back row left to right: John Garth Jenkins, Kim Jenkins, Melanie Wyatt, Wyatt Douglas Jenkins, Sonya Bruffy Jenkins, Joel S. Jenkins, Jr, Danielle Jenkins, Joel S. Jenkins, III

Front row left to right: Trey Jenkins, Dot Wyatt, Lauren Bradley Jenkins – holding Snyder, Hailey Jenkins, Daniel Jenkins

Celebrate the FTS Centennial
2013 is the 100th Anniversary of the founding of FTS.

Click here to learn more about the Centennial

and to watch a short video about the event.

The Fayetteville Transportation Museum on Franklin Street
includes a display commemorating the FTS Centennial.

Learn what else was called a "LaFamac" and much more.

325 Franklin Street. Fayetteville, NC 28301. 910-433-1457

Our Counselors, Sara Monaghan & Eddie Smith
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