Leon Aldredge

Circa Late 1970s - Gary Averitte's Wedding
to Danny's Sister

Danny Boudreau, Robert Guy, Pat Lanier, Jimmy Highsmith, Gary Averitte,
Norwood Smith, Ricky Byrd, Mike Brantley, Leon Aldredge & Henry Anderson

Photo Courtesy of Leon Aldredge and Norwood Smith

1973 - Lynn Anderson's Christmas Party

Lynn Anderson & Butch Dexter

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson
Mary Kay Bass

Mary Kay Bass & James Brown chilling at the Georgia - Florida game in 1977.

Photo courtesy of Mary Kay Bass.
Rhonda & Gina  
Rhonda Spicer & Gina Hudson - 1974
with Suite Mate Kathy Pressly
Rhonda & Gina Rhinda & Gina
Rhonda & Gina  with Suite Mates & Dates - 1974 Rhonda & Gina  with Suite Mates & Dates - 1974
Thanks, Rhonda, for the Following Photos
College-Rhonda Rhonda Spicer
Gloria Whipple, Rhonda Spicer & Ricky Byrd Suites Mates at UNC - Gina Hudson, Rhonda Spicer
[rear] Kathy Pressly & Lynn ___
Rhonda Spicer College-Rhonda
Standing - Bo Walden, Jerry Shelton,
Leon Aldredge & Norwood Smith
Seated - Rhonda Spicer & Leila Coleman
Rhonda Spicer, Robin Kusilka & Leila Coleman
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